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Short shit

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whats been going on [Aug. 22nd, 2005|02:39 pm]
Short shit
[Current Music |Kelly Clarkson- Gone]

well i finally purchased a car. its a blue 1992 chevy cavalier. we call her my putt putt...I just got my job back at taco bell, things were going great then BOOOM... I get fired from auntie annes cause they didn't want to comply with my other schedule and then wednsday the 17th i was on the way to annas and the guy infront of me was going in his left lane, he didnt signal stopped in the middle of the street blocking traffic and i slammed on the breaks and i hit into him then another car hit me from the back. so now im battling with two different insurance companies and one better comply or they WILL see me in court. However the guy that was infront of me his insurance company has been in very close contact with me, and has given me $550.00 dollars for my bodily injury so i can drop that claim with them. On the body injury part. So now i have to wait for the police report to see who was at libility. I've spoken to several people and they said that if the guy was the one with the citation then he is the one at full responisbility. God so now i am without a car, my happiness has depleated massively. I am broke, i am angry, but at least i didnt get hurt right? Ok well im done venting...by by
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Tonight [Jul. 9th, 2005|11:54 pm]
Short shit
Well where the FUCk do i begin....Hmmm maybe its the fact that dennis and i had a lovely little converstaion on the way over to kats hosue tonight. He pretty much told me that he knows i was "Throwing myself at him" i wasn't doing that i was just joking with him. But whatever, Then i pretty much told him what i needed to get off my chest. I told him that once i realized how he had no interest in me, i completely eradicated my feelings for him. Sad but true. See i knew i could never be happy. I'm Just a friend.....Thats all i am and ever will be to any person...mainly a guy..then again maybe i should all together say to hell with all men and begin my exclusion with dennnis. Who knows. I don't even know how to describe the way i feel at the moment. And my favorite when we were talking in the car and i told him how i felt he said good. I didn't want to huer your feelins, and i'm liek well it doesn't matter, because i'm used to being hurt so its not like you didn't surprise me. You let me down just like i knew you would. But at least your not being a cod about it. Maybe i'm just meant to be an old maid for the rest of my life. Maybe not. At this point i don't even care. I guess i'm pretty much done venting.

OH yea, sammie, its a 1995 chevy corisca. it was annnas mums car. you know it. Alright well imma typ. Goodbye peoples.
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Orientation [Jul. 8th, 2005|07:33 am]
Short shit
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Body is a wonderland]

ok so its 7:33am and i'm in the bcc north campus financial aid area on the computer. Orientaion doesn't start til 8:30 think i'm a little early? Quite possibly. Any who some securtiy guard is like walking around turning on the lights and i'm here bored off my ass. Maybe thats why i got the chance to update this thing. On a brighter note, i got a car! Yay... I just gotta go get my tag and my insurance and i'm straight. I should be driving by next week. Mike got a job as security, he'll be making 8.00 an hour. And guess who will be picking him up. That right you got it. ME. I told him i don't care, but for the distance i am going to be travelling, he will be giving me gas money. As for my plans for a road trip with anna. Whenever we get the chance, we will be going to pt. st. lucie. Jen wants to go but i know she'll be nagging us the entire way over there. We shall see. Anyway i don't really have much more to say so i'm gonna go. by by. Oh yea...Found something funny about dennis(not the hurricane). So i had him call me last night when he got outta work, but it was like 2am and i didn't even hear my phone ring. AH well, i will call him later on in the day.
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ahh here it goes [Jul. 4th, 2005|05:26 pm]
Short shit
well i finally realized why i don't want a relationship! Men suck!!! Kat took dennis outside yesterday and made a sarcastic remark. HE told her that he was intersted in someone else. What a shocker! oh well i could care less. HE told me about her, but he never really said he wasn't intersted in me. so there is still hope. okay well im at mikes house with his parents having a FUCKING AWSOME TIME.. by by
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recently [Jun. 17th, 2005|01:42 pm]
Short shit
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Simple plan- i'm just a kid]

wellp what can i say? i haven't updated this thing in forever. here goes nothing....I've decided to move out of anna's crib and move in with jess mike and diane. they are pretty cool with it so that works out well. As for anna i was speaking with her the other night and she mentioned to me that once i am out i'm out. And shes pretty much like well you ain't comming here if theres a hurricane.

Nice huh? oh well. i'm sure everything will be okay. Umm...I've been chillen here for the past two weeks and im prety much just waiting for the back room to be cleared out and i should be in there by the end of summer. Umm lets see...there is this one guy that i'm interested in. His name is dennis. He's a really nice guy, but the more and more time i spend with him i'm liking him as a friend nothing more. I still have like a crush on him but its different with him. When mike took it upon himself to let him know i liked him his response was cool. He isn't like most guys which is what attracts me most. What i mean by most guys, he doesn't treat me like shit(because he knows how i feel)., he still gives me hugs, when i call him he'll call me back, or he'll call me to see what everyone is up to.

You know the complete 180. He has a great personality, and hes very easy going and very friendly and nice to talk to. I feel comfortable telling him anything and talking to him. Hes pretty much everything i would like in a potential boyfriend but for right now he wants us to get to know each other as friends and then eventually start dating if the feeling proliferate. So any how we were talking last night and he wanted to stop by to say hi. The only problem was that everyone was at work and i was the only one there. I told him if he didn't want to stop by and chill for a bit then i'd understand *being that it would only be me and him in the house*

He didnt answer my text. SO when i went into the kitchen i saw a shadow of a car i got freaken scared i didnt know who the fuck it was. When i went to open the door he was standing right there. i jumped 10ft in the air. Literally. Freaken cracker! lol. So we chilled outside for a lil bit and we were talking. Again, he has the def. potential to being the type of guy i'd like to date, but only time will tell. So then we went inside we chilled and talked for a lil longer then he had to go cos he had to pick up his bro from work. I really like him, i'm not OMFG i LIKE him, i just like him and hes got a great personality. But i mean if we wind up being friends, i'd be even happier with that. Wellp i'm gonna dip cos diane wants to use the computer. buh bye every1.. We shall see what happens in the next 5 million years it takes me to write in this thing.
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ASSHOLIOS [Jun. 8th, 2005|06:28 pm]
Short shit
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blah [Jun. 6th, 2005|08:21 pm]
Short shit
ok so i dont really have much to type..i've been chillen with jess mike n diane for a while now. work sucks... blah blah blah.

ok well im done now.

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I am satanic [Jun. 3rd, 2005|08:13 pm]
Short shit
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the weekend [May. 23rd, 2005|07:28 am]
Short shit
friday- i went to school, then to the train station, then rachys bf gus picked me up and we chilled. We hung out at his dealers house*he obviously bought something*. Then we went back to the apt and we smoked. This is the last time i will ever do something as stupid as that. I threw up, i couldn't open my eyes, and when i walked it felt like i was walking on air. It definitely will never happen again.

sat- we woke up, rachy kristin and auntie andrea went to target to get rachy a bathing suit. When i woke up we all went to the rapids. It was fun, although the stairs were killing me! I wound up with 2 blisters on each foot! Owwie. Umm when we were in line there were these 4 kids that were bitching cos we were movin so slow. The one kid was like oh we gonna skip them come on. Regardless to say they had no success. So as we were gettin on the raft the boy made a comment about us all being 200pds and was cracking on us so i turned around and yelled at him, at least i can see my shadow and i dont look like a hairless ape!. Then we didnt see them again. Later that night we went to this haikabi restuarant.*dunno if i spelt that right* its pretty much like bennihanas where they cook at your table.

Sun- Didn't really do too much. Watched a series of unfourtunate events, and then went to see house of wax..It really really sucked!
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Last night [May. 19th, 2005|07:58 am]
Short shit
[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]
[Current Music |Sugarcult-bouncing off the walls]

last night...hmm....where do i begin?....i went over to jessicas place, and i was hanging out wit her, mike, diane, and justin. It was a very intereting night per say. Justin had some krype so i took a hit of it..It was practically gone so i couldnt enjoy much. Then mike jess and diane had something to do, so they left me alone at the house with justin and joe. I told diane i would make sure that "The children don't play rough" lol.

It was okay, justin and i had one of our usual conversations about whats been going on..you know la de da de da. Then they came back. Justin was having the munchies so diane took him to mc donalds...and i placed my order in for me. They forgot my burger! damn mc donalds!! damn them to hell!! lol but justin was nice enuff to give me one of his.

It was the weirdest combination...It was q double cheeseberger with only ketchp and mayo...It tasted very weird. So justin and diane left again to pick up randy. Randy came over with some vodka and smirinoff and we all drank some. They gave me this lil thingy of vodka it was in a tiny bottle it had 35% alcohol and likke 70% vol. Something of that sort.

I wasn't drunk! i was tipsy, and i had finished my drink and justin and randy accused me of lying. So when they went over to check one of them filled up the bottle and gave it to me. I know damn well i finished that freaking drink!. O well, that was about it. So now ima go cos bells bout to ring shortly..
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